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Dulcissima, Bontà Ritrovata

Welcome to Dulcissima Malta

Bontà Ritrovata – Rediscovered Goodness


If modern life brought to our table mostly refined products full of sugar and without taste, at Dulcissima you will rediscover the authentic taste of good pastries.

Infact, Silvana Ballistreri Executive Pastry Chef at Dulcissima with her artisanal confectionery will guide you into a journey of flavours and taste typical of the Sicilian traditional pastry where freshness, genuinity and quality reign.

Ricotta, pistachios, almonds those are some of the essential ingredients of the Sicilian pastry and now  thanks to the creativity passion of Silvana, you can taste her delicious biscuits and cakes while sipping a lovely coffee just in front the Rabat Parish Church.

Silvana creativity makes magic happen and from the Dulcissima oven comes out also a variety of savoury pastries, arancini, pizzette perfect for a lunch break or for tourists passing by.

Everything is so delicious at Dulcissima maybe because of Silvana’s motto, “If there is love, there is flavour”.

Dulcissima Cakes

Apart from a  wide selection of tea biscuits, small pastries, macaroons, croissans Dulcissima offers you wonderful cakes to die for, such as:

  • Torta Libellula or Dragonfly Cake
  • Torta Sette Veli or Seven Veils Cake
  • Crostata alla Ricotta or Ricotta Pie
  • Torta alle Fragole or Strawberry Cake
  • Torta Divinaor Divine Cake

You can also order a custom made birthday cake,  Silvana will create a special cake for your kids too!

The Ice Cream Shop

One of their specialities is their award-winning Ice Cream, which deserves  a taste rather then many words. In Summer don’t forget to try the famous Granita Siciliana, a sort of thick sorbet made with fruits, coffee or chocolate!

A Service with a Smile 

What makes Dulcissima a fantastic Café and Confectionery Shop it is not only their cakes, ice cream, lovely hot chocolate or latte but also the kindness of Davide and Ananda, who will always welcome you with a smile ready to offer you a piece of the goodness of their Region, Sicily, in just a biscuit!

For more information and to order your pastries, please

Contact Us
Dulcissima Malta
Triq Santa Rita, Parish Square, Rabat
Tel. (+356) 7908 8594

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30AM to 7.30PM

Monday: Closed

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  1. Extremely good capuccino and divine cakes!! Great service and very bright and clean place

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Triq Santa Rita
Ir-Rabat MT
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Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30AM to 7.30PM Monday: Closed